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About IdeaSoft

Collaboration of talented, motivated people, working as a team and sharing a common vision, where every member contributes and makes a difference.

About the Company

Short IdeaSoft history



The remote team begins a partnership with Israeli A / B stage startups and venture capital fund portfolio companies. During this period, IdeaSoft was lucky to work with such well-known market players as Nexar, Neura, LoveMe. At the same time, the company was actively developing internal products AgriEye (which was one of the three best startups in the country by the end of the year) and CorumCRM.



The company moved to a new office. We developed Big Data direction and started working on a big project, one of the projects, which makes us proud. AgriEye is a monitoring service for smart farming based on data, received from a satellite and drones. This data is processed and analized with the help of artificial intelligence. Basicly, the platform allows to reduce farmers' and agricultural holdings costs making a precise analysis of the dynamics of crop growth and smart control of fertilizers.



IdeaSoft develops blockchain direction. Such projects as Securitize, Bits of Gold, Bittrex, Biteeu and others appeared in the portfolio. The geography of work has expanded - the countries of Latin America and Europe have been added. At this time, we started developing a protocol for analyzing fraudulent crypto transactions and wallets, the GL Protocol or aka the Global Ledger Protocol. A team of 80 people moves to a three-storied office in downtown.



IdeaSoft continues to develop in-house products. Simultaneously, the team is working on blockchain integration into public services. We have developed a series of products for the this segment in Kazakhstan: from the system of automatic calculation of aviation fuel to the tokenization of data collected from home consumption meters. Our comprehensive services for working with e-commerce have been successfully integrated in companies in the USA, Canada and Australia.

IdeaSoft Mission

Company Mission

Our mission is to create a more innovative world, by the collaboraiton of talented, motivated people, working as a team and sharing a common vision, where every member contributes and makes a difference.

IdeaSoft Values

Values of the company

Our values are carved on the cornerstone of our first - then yet virtual office of a small family-size company - and they have been all about people and their beliefs. Believing in ourselves and in what we want to do. Caring for who and what we want to be, has forged fittings to the virtual shield we hung on the door of our real huge office in the historical center of our hometown. Here we reside now keeping doing what we love and loving what we do.

Family delight
Transparent attitude
Resulting diligence
Valuable contributors
Venturing creators
Daring challengers
Pure drive
Social awareness
Viable quality
Internal Approach

Team work & Collaboration

At IdeaSot we believe in the team spirit and mutual support. That’s why our corporate culture is based on family feelings and transparent communication on all the levels. We don’t believe in aggressive competition, but we do believe in collaboration, teamwork and daily improvements - the best recipe for an efficient working environment.

Working as one big team, we value everyone’s contribution, and we always eager to invest in the professional and personal growth of each team member. We empower everyone to be proactive, never afraid to speak up and convey their point of vire, whether it’s about some project or about the company and its workflow in general.

External Approach

Partnership & Outcome-Driven Innovation

From the very beginning, IdeaSoft team has been working with different business fields, startups and medium enterprises, moreover, we have developed several own digital products. This experience helped us find the perfect balance between quality deliverables, and tight market-driven deadlines.

We believe that the real success of a project depends on the ability to incorporate business value and solution for a customer problem into perfect agile development process, always taking into account the interests of both parties. Thus far we always provide the best outcome-driven solution for our customers, turning their ideas into a profitable business.


Individual Approach


First Contact

Initial communication brings the understanding of each other’s ideas and vision of the project. Such approach allows us to reach understanding and clarity, which grants a healthy long-term business relationships.


Scope Analysis & Project Review

Our analysts study project requirements, create or elaborate on existing documents and mitigate possible risks. We set up communication, prepare estimates and build the foundation for the project development.


Full Cycle Development

Our process is business value-driven. Full cycle execution includes BA, technical and graphic design, and development. The progress is fully transparent, agile-based and regulated through Atlassian products.


Optimisation and Quality Assurance

QA team makes sure that the final product is polished and meets all business and technical requirements. The main goal is to prevent possible problems, fix their root cause and deliver the optimized product.


Product Launch

Completing the project for us means just the beginning of market conquest for the client. We approach delivery with full responsibility to cover all deployment aspects and make sure that the launch is successful.


Post Launch Support

Post launch product support allows us to secure customer retention. It grants long-term project success. We provide regular maintenance, software updates and troubleshooting to nip the downtime risks in the bud.


IdeaSoft Founders

Andrew Lazorenko CEO
German Stogniev CTO
Vladislav Polikarpov COO
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