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Blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) solutions are the next generation's decentralized platforms. IdeaSoft is a top grade Blockchain solutions integrator for every kind of institution.

Hard Forks

When public blockchain need some dramatic changes to their architecture, so it should be a new branch of the public blockchain network, and creation of this brach usually called Let's take a look at something hard fork or hardfork is?

It is linked to blockchain tech, as we mentioned previously is a fundamental difference to the blockchain rules that makes earlier invalid blocks or transaction valid and vice-versa. Usually, hardfork needs all peers, nodes and/or users to update to the moders version of a blockchain.

It is not only one case when a hard fork is needed:

  • It could happen when a blockchain platform separates in two possible paths (for example separation of Bitcoin Cash)
  • Protocol change as we described or
  • Some special situation when some blocks amount has the same block height.

No matter what case of hard fork it is always going the same: one part of the blockchain reflects updated blockchain network, and the other part remains the old one. Hardfork includes dividing the routeway of a blockchain network by revoking transactions approved by all nodes that have don't updated to the new protocol version. One of the most famous hard fork examples is a hack on the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

So, how it was on 17th June token funds from The DAO, which was built as a decentralized funding platform for The Ethereum projects (dApps), were hacked and then drained on hackers (group or person) account. Following various so-named "white hat" strikes planned to move the remaining tokens to accounts managed by the first fund's holders, their efforts were tried to restore the tokens or get a different way of action.

The hardfork of the Ethereum network transferred the tokens attached to The DAO to a next smart-contract developed to give the initial fund's owners ability to withdraw assets.

IdeaSoft uses hard forks as a powerful instrument to develop own blockchain network which could be based on some common network with unique adjustments, that previously not supported by original network developer. For example, it could be the change of consensus mechanism like we did for Dash and Tarraf.


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