What Percentage of Project Success Depends on PM: an Interview with Eugenia Gorlacheva


Find a good project manager if you want your project to be successful. The project manager is one of the most interesting IT professions. This specialist knows how to communicate with both a client and a development team to achieve set goals. Eugenia Gorlacheva, PMO at IdeaSoft told us about her work, professional development, and project success criteria in a recent interview. Read on to find out more.


Management is not about giving orders, it’s about serving people.

Eugenia Gorlacheva, PMO

IdeaSoft: Why did you choose the profession of a project manager and what do you like about your job?

Eugenia: Management is not just a profession, this is a lifestyle. My strong belief is that you should feel that you are a manager, you need to serve people this way, overcoming challenges and making an impact. Throughout my life, I’ve always been controlling and managing something.  So, I didn’t choose, it just happened. The best part of my job is that I can help the team and clients turn business needs into technical solutions. And quite a pleasant bonus is that I can always grow in this profession.

IdeaSoft:  What qualities should a good project manager have?

Eugenia: Willingness to learn, patience, empathy to a client, and passion for what you do. I’m not talking about being self-organized, the ability to plan, and have PM knowledge as long as we are not creating a job description now. We are talking about things that go along with these qualities.

IdeaSoft: How can a project manager improve his skills?

Eugenia: There are so many different ways to improve, from courses, webinars, workshops to self-education watching YouTube videos, and reading books. At IdeaSoft, we have competent managers and supportive colleagues ready to help. Also, a big deal in a project manager’s growth is projects where a PM is involved. Different teams and technologies always require thinking out of the box. And this diversity also can be found at this company, as we have different clients with different requirements.

IdeaSoft:  In your opinion, what percentage of project success depends on the project manager's skills and why?

Eugenia: A project manager usually takes primary responsibility for a deliverable, so this person is motivated better than anyone to get the final product according to the client’s requirements and within time and budget. Though the team matters for sure. I am lucky to have a team of developers, business analysts, designers, and QAs, who really care about what they do, I’m proud to work with them.

IdeaSoft: How do you know if a product launch is successful?

Eugenia: Happy customers and end-users. This is the best measurement for project success.

IdeaSoft: What is the best advice you would give to someone starting out in a project management position?

Eugenia: Do your best, keep in mind that management is not about giving orders, it’s about serving people. And a project manager should be sincere with clients, a team, and management even though it takes great courage sometimes.

Written by
Alina Telnova
Marketing Manager
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