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Digital Branding

Creating a brand identity is a challenging yet very important step in product development. Modern products - both digital and physical - can’t compete without a meaningful logo, beautiful color palette, and fonts, which not only make product outstanding but also send the customer a message.

Digital branding contains:

  • Logo creation
  • Brand colors selection (color palette)
  • Brand fonts selection
  • Basic corporate materials creation (business cards, document and presentation templates, envelopes, etc)
  • Basic media kit creation (profile images, covers, post images for your corporate social accounts)
  • General brand guidelines creation (brand book)

Creating a logo

Even though it seems to be easy compared to designing complex digital solutions, logo creation is a combination of art, psychology, and data. Each logo should be not just catchy and good-looking but also broadcast a clear and appropriate message to the target audience.

Whether it should be created from scratch or based on your previous logo, our design team goes through the same process of brainstorming, ideation, creation and finalizing of the last version that we drill down to.

The first output will be 3-4 (or even a few more) logo options with additional visualization so you’ll be able to see how these logos will look not only on your website but on marketing materials as well. Once you choose one of the options, we will fine-tune it.

Finally, you’ll get a package of logo assets and guidelines on their usage, whether as a part of your brand book or as a separate small logo book.

Brand colors and fonts

Colors and fonts should correspond with the logo and complete a brand. Usually, we choose around 4-6 brand colors (main and secondary colors) but it could vary due to specifics of each product/brand. Along with that, 1-2 fonts that will be used in brand typography.

Order of these steps also could be different and totally depends on your requirements and clear understanding of a final result.

At the end of Digital Branding, you’ll get a ready-to-use digital brand that communicates with your clients and helps your business grow drastically.


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