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As any new potential and disruptive technology, Blockchain is looking for its place in the existing ecosystem. Starting with a huge hype related to cryptocurrency as the enemy of the financial system, it moves in an upward direction now and becomes more grounded and pragmatic. It finds the ways of collaboration with the financial, healthcare, governmental, retail and many more sectors, offering them speed, transparency and security of data transactions and allowing to evade third parties presence thus cutting down additional expenses. Nothing but benefits, aren’t they?

But like any new technology, Blockchain experiences challenges to implementation. And here at IdeaSoft, we love to create solutions that will be of great use in overcoming them. Understanding that cryptocurrency exchanges will be more and more regulated, we thought about an analytical tool that will help users to keep track of their wallets transactions and identify suspicious ones. And we created Global Ledger, a service that keeps records about users’ assets flow and assists them with getting to know their counter-parties.
Please check an article about this solution in our blog and feel free to ask any questions!

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