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Smart City

Smart City requirements include the analytical system for collecting and analyzing the current city state information and the ability to predict the city behaviour in rapidly changing situations.

What does the city need to meet all these requirements and become the smart one?

This is the “online” computation layer, which can use 5G and MEC for the greater speed and capacity of the information collection and analysis.

This is the Digital Twin model, a virtual model of the city (built with the BIM technology) allowing to model the situation and its solutions.

This is the unified prediction and management tool. Providing monitoring, analysis and management of the system of smart sensors, cameras, etc., this tool recommends how to respond to emergencies, predict city growth, advises how to react to it and provides recommendations on the management of public areas, city-facilities and intra-home sensors.

Partnering with Afcon Holdings, the leading innovative technologies provider on the Israeli market and also distributing its services all over the world, we can offer you a wide range of solutions to make your city smart!

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