Smart City

Improve the quality of life of your citizens, increase loyalty, and establish an effective city management system with the help of advanced technology.

What is Smart City

One of the most innovative industries

Modern technology can make cities more comfortable, innovative, and safer to live in. IdeaSoft’s cross-domain expertise allows us to develop complex software solutions to help cities become smart. Smart City requirements include an analytical system for collecting and analyzing current information about the city-state and predicting the city’s behavior in a rapidly changing environment. And that is not all. So what does a city need to meet all these requirements and become the smart one?


  • First, the “online” computation layer, which can use 5G and MEC for the greater speed and capacity of collection and analysis of information.
  • Second, the digital twin model, a virtual model of the city (built with the BIM technology) allowing to model the situation and its solutions.
  • Third, unified prediction and management tool, providing monitoring, analysis, and management of the system of smart sensors, cameras, etc. This tool suggests how to respond to emergencies, predict city growth, manage public spaces, urban facilities, and indoor sensors.


Partnering with Afcon Holdings, the leading innovative technology provider on the Israeli market and also distributing its services worldwide, we can offer you a wide range of solutions to make your city smart!

What we do

Make your city smart

The IdeaSoft team offers smart software solutions for a wide range of tasks. Based on our experience and your requirements, we can find the most advanced and effective solution for your goals:

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Smart Traffic Systems Development

Build smart traffic systems such as digital parking, traffic monitoring solutions.

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Utilities Management Solutions

Get smart resource distribution systems.

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Lightning Management System

Use sensors lightning systems, dimming control to manage lightning.

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Public Safety Platform Development

Ensure the safety of your city with analytical platforms, cameras, microphones, etc.

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Smart Waste Management Solutions

Create garbage collection optimization systems for your city.

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Facilities Management Solutions

Provide functionality, comfort, and efficiency of use of facilities in your city.

Our Achievements

Why companies choose IdeaSoft

200+ experienced in-house
250+ successful projects in
different domains
87% of employees have a Master's Degree
Transparent business process clear visibility and awareness of
all the details of work at each
stage of development
Special focus on security only reliable solutions tested for
resilience to potential security
Full product development cycle from business analysis to testing, to deployment, and to support