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What is Telecom

One of the fastest-growing industries

Digital transformation is our new reality, and telecommunications are among the first to meet these dynamic market changes. Every year, the amount of data generated worldwide is increasing what makes companies look for faster, safer, and more efficient software. Moreover, some industries often need private telecommunications solutions.

Here at IdeaSoft, we understand both telco’s software development needs and telecommunication software challenges of other industries. That’s why we offer advanced software solutions for solving a wide variety of tasks related to telecommunications.

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Private LTE

3 reasons to use Private LTE

Nowadays automation is a key point to stability and effective work, but current connection infrastructure abilities are limited, making it difficult to use automation to its full potential. That's where Private LTE becomes the answer.

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You can cover any facility or location by installing your own network. This is most necessary where public networks do not exist or are not robust (in remote areas, e.g., mines agricultural lands).

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LTE supports a wide range of devices and applications, from gigabit services such as 4K/augmented reality to NB-IoT devices for low-power, low-data-rate services.

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Significant deployment flexibility allows for local credential management or centralized/remote credential management using roaming solutions.

IdeaSoft Solutions

5G Applications

Telecom providers have access to a lot of user data but lose a large share of digital advertising due to traditional advertising channels. A new approach to advertising, which has been gaining popularity for several years, can change this situation. It’s all about programmatic advertising.

What is Programmatic

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling digital media in real-time through an automated bidding system. This type of advertising is more effective because it has better targeting capabilities, which helps you create more specific portraits of the target audience and show relevant advertising messages.

Using 5G and MEC (Multi-access edge computing) technologies, we can help you create a platform to collect a unique user base that will help in the process of targeting your audience. As a result, you will be able to deliver advertisements more individually, showing tailored advertising to each specific audience on the same website.

How it works
Programmatic Advertising

Real-time precise targeting

User analysis algorithms help get a lot of data, which helps you determine in real-time which advertising message, on which resource, and at what time will cause the greatest interest to your audience.

Real-time bids

Advertising buyers bid in real-time directly through advertising exchanges with full control over the processes. Thanks to in-place ad bids, the data and cost strategy is owned by stakeholders.

Real-time ad serving

You can reach your target audience faster than other types of advertising by analyzing your target audience in real-time. This will increase your share of ad space.

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