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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system based on the sales funnel technology

Client Corum Group
Services Software, Design
Technologies Vue JS, Laravel PHP, MySQL
Project Description

CRM system based on the sales funnel technology

This CRM is based on the sales funnel technology - a visual representation of the steps required to sell your product or service. System capabilities: Document flow with Google Docs, integration with Oracle Siebel CRM, administrator version, responsive design.

This is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system developed for the Corum Group Corporation. Due to the terms of our contract, IdeaSoft has the right to independently develop and customize the system and offer it as a separate product.

Target Audience

Sales results grow drastically

  • The main target audience - sales teams.

    This system is prepared for long sales with the visualization of the sales funnel, and the possibility of working with the methodology of Miller Heiman. Created integration modules are flexible and ready to be connected to other third-party services and document management systems.


Corum CRM Capabilities

  • Sales Funnel

    Gives the ability of visual display of each deal and the process of deals closing. With the help of flexible filtration and search system, CRM provides detailed deals monitoring and income forecasting.

  • Deals List

    Deals List contains detailed information about each deal, managers can easily check all the information along with a planned date of closing each ongoing deal.

  • Dashboard

    BigData processing system that allows users to analyze sales processes of each manager (Win Rate, Closing Time, Close Rate, Sales funnel planning by period) and choose flexible strategies individually.

  • Directories

    Small “data center” inside the system. It provides each sales manager with all necessary information about clients and deals ( company structure, contractors, contacts, services, product lines, etc). The directories can be fully synchronized with ERP.


Outstanding results after one year of CRM usage


Increase in the volume of contracts awarded


Export volume growth


Over-fulfilment of the business plan of the concluded contracts


Deals end with a win in our favor


Growth in supply to customers


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