Over 100 highly competent in-house engineers use their ground-breaking skills to bring the best solutions to life. Our well-defined development process creates a unique business environment for the clients, because we know how to manage all stages of the development cycle to deliver the end result quickly and efficiently.

  • 01 Front-End
  • 02 Back-End
  • 03 Mobile
  • 04 AI and ML
  • 05 Technical Support


Frontend development is a part of web development which is responsible for turning backend data into graphical interface, making technologies and design meet, creating a webpage or an application interface, allowing people to interact with it easily. One of the most important things for website/application is coherent and easy to navigate engaging. Frontend development includes a great variety of technologies. This happens because frontend developers work on the cusp of interaction with people and machines. Eventually, computers change, each year we get different makes of phones, tablets. People get more and more familiar with the technologies, we get more and more challenging tasks. This is the reason why front-end developers should stay in step with the times, taking into account current UX/UI trends as the users’ needs are constantly changing.

Frontend development is not just HTML and CSS. Though these are first technologies we use to get a webpage. HTML is responsible for showing the content and CSS help us to make it look nice.

Besides, our developers use JavaScript which make our web pages look genuinely alive, making the elements more dynamic. Like any programming language, the main task of Javascript is to create a sequence of actions that will lead to a certain result.

Below we have listed just a small part of the capabilities of JavaScript.

  • Mathematical operations.
  • Data processing in HTML forms without an Internet connection and without the use of server-side programming languages. Javascript allows you to check that all the required fields are filled and the data that is in them corresponds to the desired format. This reduces the load on the server.
  • User interactions and events. Various effects may appear on a web page, depending on the actions the user takes, e.g., a drop-down menu on the site when you hover, hide or show some element on the page, when you click on the button, background dimming, smooth appearance of the element.
  • Interact with HTML elements on the page and manage their content and styles. When a certain event occurs (for example, a mouse click), you can change the appearance of elements on the page.
  • Adding animations and various graphic effects to web pages like falling and moving objects, smooth appearance and hiding objects, countdown timer and other effects.

So, you can see that our developers using their skills can implement any design idea to meet our clients’ needs.


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Backend development is a set of hardware and software with which the logic of the site is implemented. It is one of the most important parts, this is where machine logic makes all beautiful things created by designers and implemented by frontend developers work. Simply put, this is something that is hidden from the user's eyes and occurs outside of his browser and computer.

For example, when you enter a query on the search engine page and press the Enter key, the frontend ends and the backend begins. Your request is sent to the Google or Yandex server, where the search algorithms are located. This is where all the “magic” happens. As soon as the information that you were looking for appears on the monitor, it again returns to the frontend zone.

We use different backend languages considering clients' demands, for example:
Node JS, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, C++, GoLang.

Also, different database management systems are used for backend development:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB.

We provide such services as follows:

  • Service architecture design;
  • Site core creation;
  • Development of a platform and basic functionality;
  • Work with code architecture;
  • Development of applications that support user interface and security;
  • Monitoring the status of servers helps to ensure the stable operation of your installation by monitoring the use of system resources on the server and notifying you of the achievement of a predetermined threshold value;
  • Version control, database, continuous integration. Each project is unique, we receive different functional and system requirements. We do not receive trivial tasks, because each business need requires technology to be adopted accordingly and it makes the process challenging. Though our savvy and fundamental approach allows solving problems within time and budget limits with the best quality.

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Mobile applications greatly simplify many everyday tasks for smartphone owners. But in order to create such software, careful preparation and a team of professionals are needed that can implement any software solution.

Developing applications for iOS, it is important to consider the following features:

  • Demand
    It is necessary to evaluate how promising the idea is, whether the software will be popular. To do this, we need a comprehensive marketing analysis of the consumer and current offers in the market.
  • Convenience to the user
    The application should be really useful, offer the easiest way to solve the problem. Even if a brilliant idea is at the core, a poor-quality implementation can scare the user away.
  • Universality
    Software should work equally well on all versions of smartphones. Thus, you can significantly increase audience reach.
  • Compliance with the requirements of AppStore and Google Play
    To place the application and make it available for downloading, it is necessary to take into account all the requirements of the site.

Given that, you need an experienced team of developers and analysts.


The main stages of development



Collection of information about consumer demand for services, analysis of existing analogues, research of the target audience.



At this stage, specialists take the client’s idea as the basis and, taking into account the data obtained during the analysis, form the concept of the future project: clear requirements, goals.


Technical Design

Specialists are creating a model of the future application. The logic of interaction with the user is formed in it. As a result, you get a fully functional prototype of future software. Also at this stage all possible interaction options are taken into account.


UX/UI Design

Designer's task is to create an attractive, and most importantly, convenient user interface based on the recommendations.



Developers create the application itself, in which they combine the logic of user interaction with the design. The server side is created.



The finished application is thoroughly tested. At this stage, we identify and eliminate any possible errors in the software.



The finished application is tested by specialists, and then placed on Appstore and Playmarket.


Tech support

Specialists ensure the operability of the software product, if necessary, modify it for new versions of the OS or make changes for new interaction formats.



Over time, the application can be improved, adapted to new user requirements and goals, to add functionality.

At Ideasoft, we use different technologies to create high-quality products in accordance with the requirements of the client and his business. We are engaged in both native and cross-platform development. List of the main technologies we work with: Swift, Objective C, Android Java SDK, Ionic, Xamarin.

Creating mobile applications is a complex process in which each of the stages creates the basis for subsequent work and affects the quality of the result. If you need advice on realizing your idea and life, our specialists will be happy to help you.


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AI and ML

Data Science is not a brand new approach and, of course, we do not sit idle. We are proud to have multiple products, where we implemented AI and Machine Learning, among our deliverables. From our experience, Machine Learning and AI can be applied in many different industries, we already have experience implementing it in pharmacy, retail, fintech, healthcare for creating statistics, making analisys processing huge amount of data.

Delivering Machine Learning solutions is quite a complicated flow, which usually consists of several steps.

The first one and the most important is defining client needs, the answers we want to get. Here our business analysts and Data Scientists start their work, auditing the existing solution.

Based on this research we will offer an architecture design and project roadmap. The next move we take is working with data. It includes the whole set of tasks like analysis of data available, collecting data, its preparation and cleansing.

Having all data ready we start training a model, integrate it into your project via API and start receiving the feedback.

The last stage is support, where we plan our further strategy, analyse how useful the current model is and what can be done to improve it and enlarge its value.

Among the projects we delivered is a system for pharmacy distributor that recommends the most suitable goods to a client, which is based on: purchases history, customer experience, current browsing session data, sales analysis of big distributor data, mining the dependency on the amount of sales activities from the pricing, seasonal factors, distributors, product range and other parmeters.

Predicting price change of the analyzed time series over the specified time period in the future was another chalenge we faced. We took parameter (feature) set as an input and got the numerical prediction of the price change and probability for the volatility to exceed the preset threshold. It was a solution based on the combination of the neural nets CNN and RNN. Anyway, whatever your goal or need is, you will get exactly what you wanted using our Data Scientists' skills with our client-oriented approach.


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Technical Support

The role of technical support in the development of your project is hard to overestimate. Many resource owners do not consider the importance of technical support simply because they do not realise its reasons and situations in which technical support is needed.

Unfortunately, the Internet is a huge system, some parts of which may fail. Whether it is a problem with a server, hosting or even viruses - they are all solved by specialists. And if you do not have one in the state, it is not necessary to hire personnel for this - you can conclude an agreement with a suitable company and remain under the reliable supervision of experienced IT specialists.

For our customers, we offer a great range of services for technical support.

When to order a service

Support for the site is needed even at the stage of creating the resource. Search and conclusion of an agreement with a suitable hosting and domain is the foundation for the stable functioning of a future project. We initially recommend that customers order support for the site - thus, they will be able to avoid unforeseen problems in the operation of the resource, prevent the activities of scammers, the spread of the virus and the drop in the rating and trust in the project.

This service will be needed both for newly created projects, and for those who came for SEO-promotion.

Benefits of working with Ideasoft

  • Your manager is a permanent specialist assigned to your resource who will advise and solve problems of a technical nature;
  • Continuous monitoring avoids risks during SEO optimization;
  • Prompt elimination of errors and malfunctions during working hours (the solution of critical problems is also implemented outside the working hours);
  • A wide staff of qualified employees - whatever problem arises, we will help you to solve it;
  • Fast reaction.

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