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Over 100 highly competent in-house engineers use their ground-breaking skills to bring the best solutions to life. Our well-defined development process creates a unique business environment for the clients, because we know how to manage all stages of the development cycle to deliver the end result quickly and efficiently.


Backend development is a set of hardware and software with which the logic of the site is implemented. It is one of the most important parts, this is where machine logic makes all beautiful things created by designers and implemented by frontend developers work. Simply put, this is something that is hidden from the user's eyes and occurs outside of his browser and computer.

For example, when you enter a query on the search engine page and press the Enter key, the frontend ends and the backend begins. Your request is sent to the Google or Yandex server, where the search algorithms are located. This is where all the “magic” happens. As soon as the information that you were looking for appears on the monitor, it again returns to the frontend zone.

We use different backend languages considering clients' demands, for example:
Node JS, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, C++, GoLang.

Also, different database management systems are used for backend development:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB.

We provide such services as follows:

  • Service architecture design;
  • Site core creation;
  • Development of a platform and basic functionality;
  • Work with code architecture;
  • Development of applications that support user interface and security;
  • Monitoring the status of servers helps to ensure the stable operation of your installation by monitoring the use of system resources on the server and notifying you of the achievement of a predetermined threshold value;
  • Version control, database, continuous integration. Each project is unique, we receive different functional and system requirements. We do not receive trivial tasks, because each business need requires technology to be adopted accordingly and it makes the process challenging. Though our savvy and fundamental approach allows solving problems within time and budget limits with the best quality.

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