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The tech aspect of agriculture experiences significant shifts related to the social, economic and ecological situation in the world. One of the main issues is balancing between food supply and saving the Planet and technologies are aimed to help accomplish it.

Here are the main technologies that will help your agribusiness become more efficient, reduce time, costs and resources and contribute to the philanthropy and ecology:

  • Mobile technology will allow collecting data in the field in a more efficient way than this is done with traditional paper and a pen;
  • Farm accounting solution will do all the calculations for you and manage the financial part of your business;
  • Big Data will automate data collection, facilitate its analysis and help make the right decision;
  • Cloud computing will unite all the devices and streamline data exchanging between them in real time, thus reducing the time of data transactions.

For example, in our AgriEye project AI and ML algorithms collect data and use it for prediction and near real-time monitoring. The service helps to see the whole picture of agriculture and allows farmers to make proper decisions on planting, nutrition and crop protection.

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