B2G Software Development

Deliver better public services and build a more transparent system with progressive software solutions for the government sector.

What is B2G

One of the most important industries

The public sector is one of the most important areas that have an impact on other industries. In today’s digital world, the government faces many challenges, such as responding quickly to external events, protecting the data of its citizens, and at the same time ensuring the transparency of the state apparatus. Citizens require digital interaction with the government and the ability to make online payments for licenses, permits, taxes, tickets, etc., and use mobile devices to access digital government services. To meet these expectations, government agencies need automation systems, cyber-security solutions, and more.


IdeaSoft has experience in developing high-end government software solutions. Our expert team knows how to use the latest technologies for the digital transformation of the public sector. Based on your workflows and requirements, the IdeaSoft software development team will create customized software that meets all your needs and security standards. Deliver better public services with progressive software.

What we do

Digitize your public services

The IdeaSoft team helps the government industry to become more efficient and meet citizens’ needs.

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AI-based Solutions

Use data for creating patterns, making recommendations, and well-considered decisions.

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Cloud-computing Solutions

Provide secure access to data from any device and ensure confidentiality with quick access to everyone.

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Blockchain Solutions

Create a unique combination of citizens’ data protection and accessibility.

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Public Web and Mobile Apps

Arrange fast and secure digital access to government services.

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Advanced Management Systems

Simplify the management process by relying on technology to automate daily operations.

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ERP Software

Take control of internal resources and processes to serve your citizens better.

Our Achievements

Why companies choose IdeaSoft

200+ experienced in-house
250+ successful projects in
different domains
87% of employees have a Master's Degree
Transparent business process clear visibility and awareness of
all the details of work at each
stage of development
Special focus on security only reliable solutions tested for
resilience to potential security
Full product development cycle from business analysis to testing, to deployment, and to support