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What is Back-End

Expert back-end development team for your business

Back-end development is a set of hardware and software with which the logic of the site or app is implemented. It is one of the most important parts of software development where machine logic makes all beautiful things created by designers and front-end developers. Although the back-end is hidden from the users’ eyes and occurs outside of their browsers and computers, the performance of your software product and its functionality depends on it directly.


For example, when you enter a query on a search engine page and press the Enter key, the front-end and the back-end meet. Your request is sent to the Google or Yandex server, where search algorithms are located. This is where all the “magic” happens. As soon as the information you were looking for appears on your monitor, it again returns to the front-end zone.


At IdeaSoft, we have an expert back-end development team creating effective algorithms for operating a software product of any complexity. As a result, we know how to build a system that works smoothly at all levels and how to enhance its functionality using the latest technologies and reliable architecture.

Tech stack

More than 50 technologies

We use different backend languages and database management systems considering clients' demands. The company's tech stack includes more than 50 technologies.

Our Achievements

Why IdeaSoft engineers

200+ experienced in-house developers
250+ successful projects in different domains
87% of employees have a Master's Degree
Supreme SDLC process which was approved by our clients as one of the most transparent and flexible.
Transparent business model clear visibility at each stage of development
On-time product delivery 90% of our projects were completed on time. We do our best to increase this number.