Healthcare Software Solutions

Provide better medical services and drive the industry with cutting-edge healthcare software solutions.

What is Healthcare

One of the most potent industries

For many years, healthcare has been one of the most conservative industries. But times are changing. Today, healthcare is a promising area for the successful implementation of advanced technology. The collection, analysis, and storage of data, communication between patients and medical facilities, quick and accurate response to changes, and health problems of all patients are the main challenges that the industry faces.


The IdeaSoft development team will help you create a secure and innovative management system, using blockchain, AI, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies. Our experience has been proven by the successful implementation of over 200 projects. Transform the system and deliver better medical services with IdeaSoft healthcare software solutions!

What we do

Innovate your medical services

We help healthcare professionals to innovate their medical systems by delivering high-end software solutions:

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Social media apps and messengers

Speed ​​up communication and data exchange between patients and doctors. Create a secure communication channel to manage sensitive data.

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VoIP solutions

Build more efficient communication with patients and partners by changing your business phone system.

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Private LTE network

Being more flexible and cheaper than Ethernet and more secure and reliable than Wi-Fi, private LTE allows medical staff and administrators to share important communications with interference-free broadband securely.

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Data management solutions, CRM

Store, transmit and analyze sensitive data safely and efficiently by automating routine manual tasks. Streamline your management system to offer more personalized medical services.

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Mobile applications

Mobile applications can optimize how doctors store, exchange, and interpret data related to patient care. Provide effective care coordination using mobile technology.

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Dedicated development teams

Use the services of dedicated software developers to work on large and long-term healthcare projects.

Our Achievements

Why Healthcare companies choose us

200+ experienced in-house
250+ successful projects in
different domains
87% of employees have a Master's Degree
Transparent business process clear visibility and awareness of
all the details of work at each
stage of development
Special focus on security only reliable solutions tested for
resilience to potential security
Full product development cycle from business analysis to testing, to deployment, and to support