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Why Mobile Development

Meet your customers’ needs and expectations

Mobile applications greatly simplify many everyday tasks for smartphone owners, but it takes special expertise to create a mobile app for business that will meet your customers’ needs and expectations. IdeaSoft team has extensive experience in developing multifunctional mobile applications of any complexity.


Mobile application development is a complex process in which each stage creates the basis for subsequent work and affects the quality of the result. If you are looking for a team of developers who understand the importance of delivering innovative software solutions for business, contact us. Choosing the IdeaSoft team for developing a mobile application, you’re joining a clear and effective process in which our experts are always ready to help you achieve your business goals.


Tech stack

More than 50 technologies

At Ideasoft, we use different technologies to create high-quality products following the requirements of the client and his business.


The main stages of development



Collection of information about consumer demand for services, analysis of existing analogues, research of the target audience.



At this stage, specialists take the client’s idea as the basis and, taking into account the data obtained during the analysis, form the concept of the future project: clear requirements, goals.


Technical Design

Specialists are creating a model of the future application. The logic of interaction with the user is formed in it. As a result, you get a fully functional prototype of future software. Also, at this stage, all possible interaction options are taken into account.


UX/UI Design

Designer's task is to create an attractive, and most importantly, a convenient user interface based on the recommendations.



Developers create the application itself, in which they combine the logic of user interaction with the design. The server side is created.



The finished application is thoroughly tested. At this stage, we identify and eliminate any possible errors in the software.



The finished application is tested by specialists, and then placed on Appstore and Playmarket.


Tech support

Specialists ensure the operability of the software product, if necessary, modify it for new versions of the OS or make changes for new interaction formats.



Over time, the application can be improved, adapted to new user requirements and goals, to add functionality.


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