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Over 100 highly competent in-house engineers use their ground-breaking skills to bring the best solutions to life. Our well-defined development process creates a unique business environment for the clients, because we know how to manage all stages of the development cycle to deliver the end result quickly and efficiently.


Frontend development is a part of web development which is responsible for turning backend data into graphical interface, making technologies and design meet, creating a webpage or an application interface, allowing people to interact with it easily. One of the most important things for website/application is coherent and easy to navigate engaging. Frontend development includes a great variety of technologies. This happens because frontend developers work on the cusp of interaction with people and machines. Eventually, computers change, each year we get different makes of phones, tablets. People get more and more familiar with the technologies, we get more and more challenging tasks. This is the reason why front-end developers should stay in step with the times, taking into account current UX/UI trends as the users’ needs are constantly changing.

Frontend development is not just HTML and CSS. Though these are first technologies we use to get a webpage. HTML is responsible for showing the content and CSS help us to make it look nice.

Besides, our developers use JavaScript which make our web pages look genuinely alive, making the elements more dynamic. Like any programming language, the main task of Javascript is to create a sequence of actions that will lead to a certain result.

Below we have listed just a small part of the capabilities of JavaScript.

  • Mathematical operations.
  • Data processing in HTML forms without an Internet connection and without the use of server-side programming languages. Javascript allows you to check that all the required fields are filled and the data that is in them corresponds to the desired format. This reduces the load on the server.
  • User interactions and events. Various effects may appear on a web page, depending on the actions the user takes, e.g., a drop-down menu on the site when you hover, hide or show some element on the page, when you click on the button, background dimming, smooth appearance of the element.
  • Interact with HTML elements on the page and manage their content and styles. When a certain event occurs (for example, a mouse click), you can change the appearance of elements on the page.
  • Adding animations and various graphic effects to web pages like falling and moving objects, smooth appearance and hiding objects, countdown timer and other effects.

So, you can see that our developers using their skills can implement any design idea to meet our clients’ needs.


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