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Digital Products

More and more startups, as well as enterprises, build their companies around digital products - web and mobile services and all types of SaaS solutions. Digital product design aimed to solve some functional problem with a digital solution while keeping business orientation. Thus, Digital Product Design has some differences from general UI/UX Design (as an outsourced service).

Product design implies a dedicated team and wider scope of design work. Team of product designers identify a real problem and using best UX/UI practices, they deliver the best possible solution. Though the design process basically the same, but the general workflow, design scope, and requirements for a final output are different. Digital product design is end-to-end assistance for product creation, from recognizing business opportunity and defining a problem, to a final delivery and marketing strategy.

Product design includes:

  • Defining the product vision and strategy
  • Product research
  • User and market analysis
  • Ideation and prototyping
  • Design deliveries
  • Testing and validation
  • Post-launch activities

Even though product design is eager to define and solve particular problem, it never goes separately from business requirements and client’s needs. Using a comprehensive design approach, our product team understands the business objective, budget, and market volatility. We have grown up in a startup nation environment and we know that success depends not only on the quality product but also on the ability to launch a product in time due to market changes.


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