Dashcam App Development for Nexar

Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology based on AI and Machine Learning for prediction of dangerous situations on the road.

Client Nexar
Services Axure, Angular, .NET
Technologies Axure, Angular, .NET
Project Description

The largest vehicle-to-vehicle network

Nexar is an AI dashcam app for iPhone and Android, that instantly detects dangers on the road and provides «watch out» life-saving warnings. Nexar defines the danger on the road by identifying traffic signs and lights recognition with the help of machine learning. Then, in the unfortunate case of a collision, it supplies users with evidence of events to help with insurance claims.

Nexar Dashboard is a useful web application that provides fleet managers with full info concerning their drivers’ team: driving score, miles/safe miles and hours, collisions that occurred, all info about rides and incidents with a possibility to check the video. The system provides managers with quick notices about each collision and allows not only staying in touch but also being able to react quickly.

Target Audience

Get smart. Stay safe. Be in sync.

Nexar provides products and services for the insurance, automotive, and mapping industries, as well as to cities around the globe. To date, it’s the world’s first and largest safe-driving network.


Complex solution

  • Nexar Dash Cam
    Nexar Dash Cam is a Nexar dashboard camera (dash cam). It is used together with the mobile app on your phone (AI dash cam App).
  • Nexar App
    Nexar App is a mobile application based on Artificial Intelligence that enables such features as browsing live feed from the dash cam on your device’s screen, uploading the data to the cloud, and more.
  • V-2-V Network
    Using Nexar you’re becoming a member of a Vehicle-to-Vehicle network of drivers with instant real-time interaction and data transfer within the community to provide you the information about the road ahead.
  • Collision Reports
    There is an opportunity to send all the necessary information to your insurance company immediately after the accident using 1-Click Report™.
  • Fleets Dashboard
    Fleets Dashboard is a web application for fleet managers to have an opportunity to browse all the necessary information about their drivers.

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