Customer Management Platform Development for Octomni

Octomni is a complex solution that provides a list of tools helping to manage marketing campaigns and sales process in multiple stores with different types of a product.

Client IdeaSoft
Services Software, Design
Technologies Angular, .Net
Project Description

One solution for multi-stores and sales management

Octomni is an effective and unified ecosystem with one “source of truth” and one platform for data management, user management, and analytics. The required functionality is covered by all elements in the system that works with a core informational source.

Three products in one system ensure the most effective usage of your traffic and customer management. Significantly enlarges retention rate.


This is the core of the Octomni solution that presents the business logic of the product. CRM is a paramount data source and the main tool for analytics. It gives the ability to manage multiple stores, products, users, payments, purchases, and clients.


With the help of this service, customers can build their own online stores, easily handling retail content management through drag & drop tools. All other data can be managed through CRM.


This solution will cover live support interaction with users. Omni provides the ability to handle phone calls,  SMS and live chat text support. Also, it gives the ability to finalize a purchase through any of the presented OMNI channels with the help of automatic deal closing, which increases the quality of customer support.

Target Audience

The best solution for small business

Network Marketing – Having a network of independent distributors, you would need a tool to navigate, monitor, and analyze it. This is what our CRM is designed for. OMNI channel will help you communicate with customers and a site builder, which allows you to create a site with your product within a few minutes and publish it on any hosting.



Full-circle management abilities

  • CRM Features


Partial – Collect partial purchase (abandoned card) for post-sale through OMNI flow.

Analytics – Full sales analytics, affiliate page management, marketing campaigns traction, reports system.

Inventory – Product management, multiple product types, offers system fulfillment and multiple payment solutions.


  • ECOM Features


Drag and drop – Ability to edit page layout with drag and drop feature. The visual editor is available for the store and additional sales pages (affiliates, upsells).

Integration – Full integration with CRM for products, payments, and partial purchase management.

Layouts – List of layouts for a specific domain that makes the process of store creation faster and more relevant for a specific niche.


  • OMNI Features


Integration – Full CRM integration. OMNI could cover partial cases, upsell purchase finalization, and customer support.

Omnichannel – Multiple (OMNI) communication channels. Facebook, email, SMS, Phone calls.

Purchase – Ability to finalize a purchase through any of the presented OMNI channels with the automatic deal closing in CRM.

Design and Branding

Three designs - one product

Our design team has created 3 separate designs for each service inside the product due to different problems these services should solve. Thus, they can be used as part of the Octomni ecosystem or as separate solutions.

When creating a design template for ECOM, we aimed to deliver a flexible solution that will easily fit different types of e-commerce and be fresh and eye-catching for the customers. While we were working on CRM design we focused on creating a simple and clean interface along with a user-friendly experience, so sales and customer management will be easy for Octomni users. And for the OMNI, we’ve created the most usable UX/UI solution for the customer support and sales team that was easily integrated with the Twilio interface.