Trade Finance Platform Development for Versara

The world’s first trade finance platform powered by crypto credit enhancement

Client Koinera
Services Mobile Development, Design
Technologies Blockchain, Swift, Java
Project Description

Bringing innovation and transparency to trade finance

Versara is the world’s first trade finance platform powered by crypto credit enhancement, using cryptocurrency as extra collateral. The main idea behind the project was to create a platform that would solve the unavailability of trade finance for businesses. Versara consolidates invoice receivables into structured asset pools. Cryptocurrency holders then have the opportunity to offer their cryptocurrencies (accepted on the Versara platform) as collateral in case of a possible invoice default, improving the credit profile of the asset pool.

One of the main Versara features is a crypto wallet where users can invest in one click. The application gives owners of tokens a unique opportunity to increase their fortune right in their own wallets. Versara Wallet is the first cryptocurrency wallet that provides cryptocurrency owners with the ability to store, send, and receive their digital assets, as well as invest in various markets and make high profits.

Target Audience

Versara platform benefits all parties involved

  1. Sellers of goods
    – Easier access to traditional factoring or asset-based lending.
    – Lower cost of invoice financing.
  2. Buyers of goods
    – Rewards for simply verifying invoices and other documents.
    – Ability to offer suppliers easy access to financing with better repayment terms
  3. Crypto-guarantors
    – Ability to participate in the trade finance market.
    – Access to a higher yield investment product.
  4. Fiat lenders
    – Opportunity to access factoring or asset-based lending market with additional credit collateral.
    – Diversified credit risk and potentially lower risk of total default


Rich functionality for the trade finance market players

  • One-click exchange
    Send and receive crypto quickly with only one click. 
  • Complete security
    Store your crypto asset in maximum security with blockchain technology. 
  • Reliable market players
    Versara users can only be connected through the recommendation of other verified users or through a thorough verification process with advanced risk assessment algorithms.
  • Multiple currencies
    Store and invest with multiple cryptocurrencies. 
  • Money-back guarantees
    A guarantee of the creditor’s money back even in case of default due to pool-specific credit enhancement.
  • Lower costs
    Reduced operating costs thanks to blockchain technology and underwriting based on patented algorithms, as well as the use of cryptocurrency as collateral.