VR Management System Development for Anova Games

IdeaSoft Team built the Powerful management system for booking and distributing VR games.

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Client Anova Games
Services Software, UX Design
Technologies Angular, .Net, C++
Project Description

ANOVA One-stop VR Management System

The adoption of virtual reality always requires additional software tools. And if you work closely with VR games, you will need a feature-rich VR content, booking, and customer relationship management system. ANOVA decided to create such a platform to make the VR experience more accessible for its customers while providing reliable and straightforward management of the company’s core processes. 

ANOVA is a complex multi-tool system that addresses a wide range of tasks from booking VR games to personnel management within a company. The platform has a convenient VR game booking system for customers, as well as an extended admin panel for managing the company’s internal processes. We also developed software for touch panels located directly in VR game venues for quick and easy game selection. Players can use a special game currency called tokens to pay for games.  These tokens can be bought on the website or through touch panels. ANOVA also helps track the company’s financial performance and employee productivity with the help of an advanced admin panel.  

A team of 14 specialists worked on the project, including PM, business analyst, front-end and back-end developers, UX designer, DevOps, and QA. The technology stack was based on Angular and .Net, which made it possible to create a dynamic and efficient system. Integration with Steam is also done using C ++.

Target Audience

Free-roam VR Experience with Proper Management

  • For users: 

ANOVA is a user-friendly platform that allows you to book team VR games for corporate events, children’s parties, or other celebrations in a few clicks. Users can create their accounts where all their bookings will be stored. 

  • For franchisee: 

By purchasing the ANOVA franchise, franchisees receive a complete software package for managing VR content, booking, and delivery team. This will help them get started quickly.


Combination of Software and Compatible Hardware

  • Game booking
    Users can register on the platform and book VR sessions by selecting the desired games, location, date, and time. Two-factor authentication is enabled to complete the booking.
  • Account
    The personal account stores all information about a user’s bookings. There you can invite friends to the game or cancel a booking.
  • Wallet
    Special game currency tokens are used to pay for games, which can be bought on the website or using the touch panel. These tokens are stored in the booking wallet.
  • Touch Panels
    Touch panels installed at check-in counters and in VR arenas allow users to log in and play the desired game quickly.
  • Admin Panel
    A multifunctional admin panel combines a personnel management system and a booking management system. There are several admin roles and detailed employee cards. The system is integrated with Workly and automatically calculates the time worked by an employee. Also, admins can see the financial statistics of bookings for different locations.
  • Promo Codes
    The platform implements a system of promo codes that admins can create. Users can use a promo code when booking a VR session directly on the website.
  • Emergency Closed Location
    Admins can indicate on the site if one of the locations is temporarily out of order. A refund system for canceled bookings has also been implemented.


ANOVA Outdoor

ANOVA customers can order a VR game with a visit to their home. ANOVA Outdoor is a dynamic off-site VR session management system, including a route ranking system, driver monitoring, and booking management.