Custom Software Development for Bochica

Emerging Blockchain community in Colombia providing an innovative technical solution to the Educational sphere, IT industry, Government and citizens.

Client Bochica
Services Software, Design
Technologies NodeJS, ReactJS, .Net
Project Description

The first Colombian blockchain

Bochica expands the emerging Blockchain community in Colombia with a whole technical solution affordable to the IT industry, Government, Academy, Developers, and citizens.

The overarching goal of Bochica is to help universities and students execute their projects using the deposits and further monetization through the network. Bochica is aiming to spread its network in other spheres requiring transparency, security, and traceability.

It is planned to create a website based on Bochica technologies for public opinion polls for mayoral elections in several Colombian cities. Additionally, Bochica provides developers with open-source code and technical documentation to help them self-educate and use the assets in their projects/DApps.

Target Audience

Adopt and enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology

  • Universities
    hosting Bochica, they can encourage their students, teachers, and other parties to create and work on their projects and monetize them with the Bochica wallet on the board.
  • Developers
    can use Bochica’s technical documentation and open source code for self-education and creating their projects more accessible.


Bochica Features

  • Bochica Survey for conducting polls and voting
  • Bochica Wallet for storing digital currency
  • Bochica CRM for managing network participants