Coaching App Development for Famer

The best interactive coaching marketplace and platform

Client Famer
Services Software
Technologies NodeJS, Java, Swift, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Project Description

World’s first personal coaching app

Famer is an educational app aiming to bring the best experience to young athletes, personal coaches, sports camps, and clubs. It engages athletes through communication – training programs, messaging, and tracking via the smart video app. Providing athletes and their parents with qualified coaches, Famer allows them to track training, analyze athletes’ achievements, and give feedback. Famer is a new way to empower children’s leisure through easy access to sports.

We developed 2 native apps for iOS and Android to maximize performance and user experience. The tech stack is based on NodeJS, Java, Swift, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Target Audience

Taking sports personally

  • Young Athletes
    With a personal approach, children can develop their physical abilities to the top.
  • Parents of young athletes
    The application allows parents to track all the children’s achievements and give their feedback.
  • Coaches
    Using the app coaches can share videos and instructions for young athletes who train at home, assign weekly workouts, and share progress reports with athletes and their parents.


The Famer experience

  • Improving Skills
    Connecting athletes with coaches, the app helps them practice and improve their skills.
  • Reducing Cost
    Famer relieves the financial burden of personal coaching.
  • Personal Attention
    Personal coaching helps increase confidence, which is a top priority in competitive sports.
  • Access
    The app allows parents and children to balance between their busy schedules and the necessity to hire a personal coach.
  • Data based network
    Data analysis provides coaches and scouts with the ability to discover and connect with athletes from all over the world.

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