Customer Engagement Platform Development for Neura

AI and ML-based platform for increasing users’ engagement and retention rates.

Client Neura
Services Software
Technologies React Native, Swift, Java, Cordova/Ionic, Corona
Project Description

The right user, at the right time.

Neura is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The IdeaSoft team completed the SDK development for Neura, a set of development tools that allow software professionals to work with the Neura API. The main goal was to create a mutually beneficial, data-reach ecosystem for more personalized interactions with mobile apps users in such industries as healthcare, retail, delivery, logistics and transportation, fintech, lifestyle, dating, and many more. 

Neura researches each user’s past recognizes his or her present context and predicts future activity. AI can even collect and analyze location-based data – arrival/ departure from places like your home, job, or any other public location to create predictions for work and lifestyle. This way Neura customers get real-world insights and advanced campaign segmentation and triggering.

Target Audience

Helping mobile brands drive higher customer engagement & retention

Knowing how user behavior relates to actions in mobile applications, Neura customers can increase user engagement and retention by promoting their products and increasing conversion rates.


Meeting users and businesses needs

  • Ultra-Low Battery Consumption
    Neura tools consume less than 1% of the battery per day.
  • Cross-platform
    The technologies used to create tools make them compatible with any application for iOS or Android.
  • Security
    The tools are ISO 27001 certified, encrypted, and anonymized.
  • Privacy Compliant
    Taking care of the users’ privacy and anonymity the products follow HIPAA, FDA, and GDPR rules.