Global Marketplace Development for BridgeTower

IdeaSoft has developed a Global Marketplace Bridge Tower that works with the Chainlink PoR ( Proof of Reserves) network mechanism with flat-to-Crypto on- and off-Ramp services.

In Addition, the BridgeTower platform has its own NFT marketplace, staking and security tokens that are still under development and will include other features.

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Client BridgeTower Capital
Services Software, Blockchains, UX design
Technologies Nest.js; Avalanche, Ethereum - Solidity; React.js
Project Description

DeFi Platform Development

Bridge Tower is a global marketplace that uniquely brings products constructed with compliant regulatory adherence to enable an institutional gateway to Staked Securities, Custom NFTs, Turnkey Customized Institutional Staking, Financial Products, and Web 3.0 entities connected to Avalanche and Ethereum.
The platform is supposed to be closed to ensure the security of use. All users need to pass KYC (crypto geeks) / KYB (Institutional Investor), and we have integrated a third-party service for this feature.Users should connect through MetaMask and WalletConnect wallets in order to work with the platform.
If we are dealing with a part that has NFT features, only official partners of BridgeTower customers can create and put NFTs up for primary sale.
In addition, we have developed a Dashboard portfolio with the following information:
the total amount of all assets (cryptocurrency and NFT) and a graph of dynamics (PNL). There is also a breakdown by asset type: NFT, staking, security, and wallet balance.

Target Audience

Target Audience

Crypto individuals, and traders who follow new security features with Avalanche and
Ethereum Networks, and who use NFTs and staking features through KYC.

Institutional investors, who are familiar with Etherum and Avalanche networks and
who stay close to trends.


Implemented Solutions

– Integration third-party systems: Wallets, Lido Staking System and Security System with passing KYC/KYB;
– Transactions that utilize smart contracts;
– Transactions from regulated custody providers that will undergo proof of reserve process;
– Permissioned Market run across an Avalanche Subnet;
– Dashboard portfolio with total amount of all assets, and a graph of dynamics.

Business needs

Create an Individual and Special Product with technology Proof of Reserves, which will
work for different target audiences with the NFT marketplace and Staking mechanism.

Delivery Time

10 months

Team Size

6 team members

Additional Solutions

Wrapped UP

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