NFT Marketplace Development for N-finity

IdeaSoft has developed a N-finity — a NFT marketplace, an online platform with the opportunity to sell and buy non fungible tokens ( NFT), that works on NEAR Network.

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Client N-finity
Services Blockchain, Back-end, Front-end
Technologies NEAR, Rust, React.js
Project Description

NFT Marketplace development

N-finity is an NFT marketplace that works on NEAR Network. On the platform, users can purchase and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform has a unique collateral mechanism called FAT which significantly decreases trades’ risks. It’s a type of minimum sale price guarantee that increases with each transaction.

Target Audience

Who is N-finity designed for?

– For creators and artists involved in the Blockchain industry who are already connected
to NEAR or other DeFi networks.

– For crypto traders and collectors who want to expand their NFT collection and save
their investment.


Implemented Solutions

– NFT marketplace interface implementation;
– Connections to different types of wallet functionality;
– NFT minting establishes provable scarcity, verified ownership, and ongoing creator earnings.;
– NFT listing;
– NFT sale on auction;
– FAT mechanics implementation, redemption;
– NFT rebirth.


The blockchain market is not liquid and needs to intensify trading and motivate traders
with solutions for clients. With the unique idea of our client, we have implemented FAT
logic in the Marketplace – N-finity.

Delivery Time

1 month

Team Size

7 team members