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Over 100 highly competent in-house engineers use their ground-breaking skills to bring the best solutions to life. Our well-defined development process creates a unique business environment for the clients, because we know how to manage all stages of the development cycle to deliver the end result quickly and efficiently.

Technical Support

The role of technical support in the development of your project is hard to overestimate. Many resource owners do not consider the importance of technical support simply because they do not realise its reasons and situations in which technical support is needed.

Unfortunately, the Internet is a huge system, some parts of which may fail. Whether it is a problem with a server, hosting or even viruses - they are all solved by specialists. And if you do not have one in the state, it is not necessary to hire personnel for this - you can conclude an agreement with a suitable company and remain under the reliable supervision of experienced IT specialists.

For our customers, we offer a great range of services for technical support.

When to order a service

Support for the site is needed even at the stage of creating the resource. Search and conclusion of an agreement with a suitable hosting and domain is the foundation for the stable functioning of a future project. We initially recommend that customers order support for the site - thus, they will be able to avoid unforeseen problems in the operation of the resource, prevent the activities of scammers, the spread of the virus and the drop in the rating and trust in the project.

This service will be needed both for newly created projects, and for those who came for SEO-promotion.

Benefits of working with Ideasoft

  • Your manager is a permanent specialist assigned to your resource who will advise and solve problems of a technical nature;
  • Continuous monitoring avoids risks during SEO optimization;
  • Prompt elimination of errors and malfunctions during working hours (the solution of critical problems is also implemented outside the working hours);
  • A wide staff of qualified employees - whatever problem arises, we will help you to solve it;
  • Fast reaction.

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